A data breach can rattle any business by harming it financially and lessening customers’ trust. To prevent such a setback, consider the following preventative strategies.

Inventory Your Business’s Hardware and Software

It’s hard to protect your assets without a detailed list of what those assets are. Start by generating a list of all of your business’s software and hardware, and take note of anything that is outdated.

Secure the Hardware and Software

Next, download all available system and security updates across every device your business uses. That way, your company will be less vulnerable to a data breach caused by a weak link.

Review Access Procedures

The more employees have access to a given piece of data, the more vulnerable that data is. Conduct an audit to be sure that employees only have access to as much data as they need to complete their duties.

Train Your Employees and Ensure Compliance

Without training, it’s impossible for employees to handle data in a responsible manner. That’s why the FCC recommends security training for all employees, backed by penalties for those who disregard your company’s security procedures.

Screen Vendors’ Security Procedures

Even if your business has very strong security measures, a data breach can still occur if a vendor is sloppy. Ask your vendors what security measures they have in place. If they don’t take security as seriously as your company does, don’t hesitate to ask them to step up their game. If they refuse, move on to a more security-minded vendor.

Hire Security Personnel

As soon as your budget allows, it’s advisable to hire personnel dedicated to preventing data breaches. A small business might use a modest in-house team or contractors, while larger companies might have massive data security teams. Either way, the expense is worth it.

Funding Business Improvement

Whether you want to invest in better security or another business improvement, it’s helpful to have a financial ally like Private Client Capital Partners. To learn more about how we can aid your company, just send us a message.