SBA Loans

The Value of Flexibility in SBA Loans

Private Client Capital Partners operates with the approval of the Small Business Administration, so when you need financing, you can trust our Small Business Loan Program. There are many ways that an SBA loan, through a Preferred Financial Services company, could be the solution you need.

Flexible Use of Funds

Versatility is a significant advantage for small business owners looking at their financing options. Whether you are just starting out or have reached the point when your small business is ready to take off, an SBA loan can provide the means:

  • When you purchase property, rather than renting, you have the option of leasing part of your space to other businesses. Any extra space will also be valuable when your business is ready to expand.
  • Consumers judge commercial properties on their appearance, both inside and out. Renovations are often necessary to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Business owners refinance commercial loans to negotiate lower rates or to extend the terms of the loan. Ask Private Client Capital Partners experts about the SBA refinance program.
  • A small business loan could be used for new construction, such as gas stations, car dealerships, hotels, childcare facilities, veterinary clinics, and other single-purpose buildings. The loan could also cover expenses for building nonconforming properties with the proper zoning variance documents.

We offer financing options for properties with commercial, industrial, or real estate purposes.

Flexible Equipment Financing

Small businesses may use loans to purchase, lease, or update their equipment. You could use a loan for machinery, specialized equipment, manufacturing tools and machinery, printing and binding equipment, trucking equipment, heavy vehicles, medical and diagnostic equipment, and laundering machinery. Talk to a loan expert to learn more about equipment financing.

Flexible Qualifying Terms

Small business owners often have different financial resources and needs than larger businesses. Private Client Capital Partners offers loans with small businesses in mind. Our amortized loans offer up to $5 million with approvals in as fast as 48 hours. We offer 15-year terms and financing up to 80 percent of cost. There are no prepayment penalties or balloon payments.

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Flexible financing is available for the small business improvements you want to make. Talk to one of our experts today to learn more about the options available to you.

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