Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in existence. As such, it’s a solid venue for promoting your business venture. Creating video content on Instagram that’s effective, though, requires an understanding of the app’s specific quirks. Here are some tactics that every enterprise engaging in Instagram marketing should use to produce superior results.

Be Genuine

People want content, not advertising. Provide usable information or entertainment value, and viewers will forgive the promotional nature of your postings. Do this right, and your odds of converting audience members into paying customers will vastly improve.

Give Variety

The more you change up your subject matter, the more likely it is that viewers will stay engaged. Keep fans eager to continue watching by giving them something fresh with every upload. One day, provide a behind-the-scenes look at your operation in motion. Then, teach your audience something that can improve people’s lives. Follow these with a contest or humorous take on your industry. Keeping viewers guessing increases their desire to continue clicking.

Stay Brief

Remember that Instagram audiences have short attention spans. Make material that’s less than 26 seconds for maximum engagement. You can always finish by including a link to your website, where you may expand on the topics you’re introducing. YouTube is a better place for subject matter that requires in-depth explanations on video.

Boost Quality

It’s better to have less material that’s worth consuming than more with little value. Write a script in advance for best results. Use proper camera equipment instead of your phone. Lighting is critical, too. Professional illumination isn’t expensive and makes a huge difference. Consider investing in a microphone designed for social media. Film in an area where you can have silence and interruptions are unlikely.

Surpass Competition

Your business rivals are likely using Instagram to reach potential customers, as well. Look at what they’re doing, and get a sense of their campaigns. Recognize where your competitors are lacking, and improve on their performance. Doing this will give you a vital edge.

Tag Yourself

Instagram allows users to tag their locations, thus making content more likely to reach relevant audience members. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, it makes sense to target nearby patrons. Never forget to take advantage of this feature.

Those who create video content for Instagram need to understand what works best on the platform. Maintain awareness of which practices generate favorable responses. By following these guidelines, uploads will have a better chance of increasing sales.